Friday, 8 April 2011

Pegasus Launch Test V1


Here's an update looking at the Pegasus launch animatic, but rendered using everything except textures and shadows.  It gives a good impression of speed and the general feel of the shot, and it is a lot faster to render than the final production quality; 12 seconds per frame as opposed to 2 hours!

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment!


  1. By comparison to the original, there are more flashes of red light before the machine fires up. The only other comment would be the spinning of the central unit. It slows down and reverses before the top piece closes. Might be an IPO/Graph problem. I like the detail of the unit.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Yes, in the original there are three flashes. However, for the sake of efficiency in the final render, I only keyframed one red flash as I was going to copy those frames and duplicate them to make the final video.

    The IPO issue has me slightly stumped at the moment; logically the setup should work, but I will rework the frames before the final render.

    Thanks for the comment on the detail - I was told by the original modeller of JMP to pick an area that I love and go to town with it, so I picked Pegasus. It has taught me a lot about scene setup etc, but will learn a lot more before the end :)