Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bo Frederiksen's Robot - test walk cycle - work in progress


A quick update; I was blown away by the work that Bo has done on the Mars robot, and wanted to show you a quick walk cycle test.

This is very much work in progress; I animated the walk cycle quickly and there are errors in it, but as with everything else, these issues will be worked out as work progresses.


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  1. You have probably improved upon the walk cycle by now but I thought I would try to constructively critique it to help you out. The biggest thing I notice when I see this walk cycle is that there is no up down movement. The way the robot is jointed there would most likely be some of that. Check out some old cartoons for examples or video tape people in public to study. The timing seems to be a little off as well. I would aim for a march time walk or every 12 frames. Lastly I would think about weight with the cycle. I would have the arms and head follow the movement with a small delay to give the perception of weight. I really like the animation and all the work you've done thus far. I hope I've possibly helped.