Monday, 25 April 2011

Mars Gantry: Walk Test


Here's an animation of walking along the Mars gantry to test the lighting and texture setup.  A couple of issues have been spotted, and these will be resolved as work continues.



  1. It is looking very good. obviously the flicker from, I am guessing, missing images. When I put it into full screen, something keep pulling my eyes. The area one the walls by the three had a weird flicker in the reflection. Not sure what it is. Other then that I like it.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks! The flicker is because of a few missing files; I was rendering using the Blender Network renderer and there was an issue when one machine went to sleep a few times and frames were dropped.

    The flicker in the reflection has been fixed; an issue with the flat face at such an angle having mirror applied.

    Currently adding the doorway at the far end, and someone will shortly be making an appearance as well...