Wednesday, 25 May 2011

TSA Scanner - QuickTime VR Test #001


Ok, I was messing about last night and found a great way to produce QuickTime VR movies using Blender and the free program GoCubic.  The results, I think you will agree, are quite impressive.

I would like your thoughts on this.  While it was my intention to go with the tried and trusted method of 2d navigation i.e. front, sides and back, I was unaware at the time of just how easily the VR images could be produced, as it only requires that two more images be rendered.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.  Should Tribute stick to the 2d style, or embrace the 3d VR tech as seen in JMP3?

A hires version (1024 x 1024) can be downloaded here (right-click and save as).


  1. Definitely lean in the direction of this tech! It will depend on what plans Apple has for QTVR though-- it's rumored that they want to kill it. =(

  2. I always loved looking at the scenery in a game (if it was well done of course) so I would lean toward this as well.