Saturday, 19 March 2011

First Past the Post...

Hi fellow Journeyman fans...

Ok, here is my first posting regarding my personal tribute to the Journeyman Project; a trilogy of games created and published by Presto Studios.

I've been recreating some of the scenes from JMP1, and work is, as always, in progress.  I decided to start this blog to record progress as I go along.  All modelling is done using Blender, and the final images are directly from the compositor; no external editing has been done.

So without further ado, here's the first pic from today's work.


  1. I was wondering if during the start of the game, would I be seeing the Presto Studio logo or your own logo? I've played the game so many times that not seeing the 'Big Top Hat' would be kind of awkward... Oh, one more question. Will the game be free and downloadable because I live outside the US. I don't mind buying the game if required.

  2. I would like to include the Presto logo, but only if I can do so with their permission. The tribute is done with Presto's blessing, being mindful of their creation and rights on same.

    However, if I can include it, I will :)

    The game will definitely be free and downloadable when complete.

  3. Very very nice! Can you share your sketchs or source codes to public view? maybe an open source project could be better, this way everyone can contribute!