Friday, 12 February 2016


Hi all, just a brief message to say that I'm getting back into Blender and Unreal in a big way and have restarted Tribute. I'm going to be focusing on getting a workflow for Blender - Unreal, lighting, animation etc. I'm new to Unreal so this will be an interesting challenge but one I'm more than happy to explore.

I will also say however that this is a hobby of mine and as such happens outside of normal work/life stuff. As I make progress I will post it here (might even give you a link or two to test builds). It will be basic to start with - images I have posted previously are renders straight out of Blender which looked good but wouldn't translate to an external game engine.

Part 2 of the adventure begins and I am immensely grateful that you're along for the ride.

It will take time ;)


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