Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May 2012 Update


Wow, May already?  How did that happen??

The project is ongoing, as always.  I haven't had as much free time recently as a lot of time is taken up by work and studying.  However, progress is being made on the Cycles front (early tests using ATI cards, Blender 2.63 and Catalyst 12.5Beta with OpenCL 1.2 drivers) are working really well.  I'm looking forward to the day that I can rework a scene and have all the textures appear in Cycles as they do in the Blender renderer.  I have two ATI 5850 cards so rendering will be nice and speedy on those once all the features are worked out!

In short, while there haven't been any updates recently, work is still going on in the background!

All for now,



  1. Glad to see someone making a journeyman remake, loved all three games in the series.

    Look forward to seeing the progress!


  2. Hi!!! I love what you are doing with this tribute! I'm a computer sciences student, the journey man project 3 was the first game I played and I was fascinated by it. I wonder if I could help in any way at all in this project, It would be an honor!
    my email address is