Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Alternate Pegasus: Monitors

Hi there and a very Happy New Year!

A test of a basic model and animation setup for the interior of the "alternate" Pegasus.



  1. When I saw that there was a tribute to The Journeyman Project series, I was very excited! Although I am what people call born in this " modern society " , I loved the Journeyman Project Turbo game very much! Anyway, to the question. How does Pegasus work? To be more specific how does Pegasus brings you back to the present or alternate present. It has always been a mystery to me.... because when you are at NORAD IV , Mars Colony, 100000000... BC, or the World Conference in Australia, Pegasus isn't there.... I do how you can answer my question. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I'll explain my understanding of how Pegasus was thought to work, after discussions with Tommy Yune, plus my own fan-based understanding :)

    Pegasus is described as a "neutrino-matrix accelerator". Neutrinos are particles that travel backwards in time, rather than forwards. The machine converts the passenger into neutrino particles, which then travel through a "tunnel", or wormhole to the calculated destination in space-time. The wormhole is created through a combination of the influx of energy from the device above the machine and "frame-dragging"; a process by which spacetime is twisted through gravity.

    The tunnel is kept open while the agent is in the past, and is used to recall the agent back to the present (a reversal of the process to send the agent there in the first place). The energy that counts down while you're in the past is the energy Pegasus is using to keep a lock on the agent, which was generated during the initial acceleration and stored.

    Pegasus not only acts as the accelerator, but also carries out the incredible mathematics to calculate the destination co-ordinates in spacetime. This not only requires the "temporal distance" i.e. how for back the agent needs to go, but the spacial distance. The machine has to project the particles in the right direction to materialise where required; in the intervening period, the planet has rotated on its axis, revolved around the sun, moved through the galaxy etc. This requires an absolute frame of reference for the universe, which at this point in the 21st Century we have still to find.

    I hope this answers your question :)

  3. Thanks for replying, now I understand how Pegasus works. Thanks a lot!